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Exploring Collio | Collio

Exploring Collio

Collio is a poetic place of ancient vineyards on rolling hills in an area rich in traditions; it is inhabited by people who, over the centuries, have made Collio unique.
Full of charm, energy and mystery, Collio is a land of small vineyards, cobbled roads, and amazing sunsets. The population is a modern, innovative mixture of ethnic groups: Friulian, Slovenian and Austrian.

Collio is also a forest whose fragrance in the springtime mingles with the scent of acacia and the honey tones of lime blossom.
It’s the “Wine and Cherry Road”, first born in Friuli in 1963, which winds through the vineyards of Collio from San Floriano to Dolegna, offering the visitor a fairytale landscape of perfumed white cherry blossoms.

The regional cuisine reflects the area’s middle-European heritage with Hungarian, Hebrew, Slovenian, Austrian and Greek-influenced dishes.

Delight in a cuisine that embodies the flavors of the countryside and the colors of the garden. Enjoy rural hospitality at the wineries and restaurants, where the soul of Collio wines finds its highest expression. Inhale the sights and scents of nature written on the vineyards.

Visit Collio to rediscover your own essence and find a truly relaxing holiday.

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