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In the heart of Europe, between the Julian Alps and the Adriatic Sea, lies the Collio, a territory that is rich in history, tradition and gentle rolling sunny slopes. From its famous wines to many other delights from the area; come and discover the Collio. every event is a unique opportunity to tell and experience all the nuances of our small world together. In this section you can find all the events taking place in the provinces sponsored by the Consortium, which since 1964 has been working to enhance the territory, its products and producers.

Partnership 02-13 OTTOBRE 2019


La regata più grande del mondo accompagnata dai vini del Collio
Partnership 26 - 29 settembre 2019

Salotto del Gusto 2019

Grandi chef e grandi vini in un incontro di eccellenze e di esperienze
Partnership from 15 to 18/04/2018


Collio wine-tasting at the Ersa stand
Partnership 22/02/2018

Rosa Rosae Rosae

Un evento speciale dedicato alla Rosa di Gorizia.
Consortium Dal 28/05/18 al 03/06/18

Enjoy Collio Experience 2018

Torna Enjoy Collio Experience con tante nuove proposte, per il resto restate sintonizzati.


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