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Collio | Collio

Wine is the poetry of earth.
Mario Soldati

  • Dive in the colours of Collio

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  • Collio

    Collio lies in the very top right-hand corner of Italy, in the region of Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, one hundred kilometers  northeast of Venice, between the Giulian Alps and the Adriatic sea. This crescent-shaped collar of land is bounded to the west and south by two rivers, the Judrio and Isonzo, and to the east by the country of Slovenia. You can imagine the cultural cross-pollination that is its heritage.

    Here you will find a small but complex world where individuality and unique character are found everywhere: on the table, in the wine glass, in the restaurants. The beauty of Collio’s landscape – craggy mountains and alpine lakes, hills as far as the eye can see, and the level blue of the sea – evokes a deep sense of peace and real emotion.

    The predominant color is green; you will find it in the 1,500 hectares of vineyards, in the genuine hospitality of the people, and even in the menus, where fresh ingredients from different cultures come together to unleash unique flavors. The climate in Collio is mild, thanks to the proximity of the Adriatic and the protection of the mountains, the Pre-Giulian Alps.

    The area benefits from cool winds from central Europe and warm air currents from the sea, enabling the grapes to stay dry and healthy. Collio’s particular type of soil, called “ponca,” is due to the phenomenon of water erosion which took place 100 million years ago.

    Rich with marl and sandstone stratification, ponca soil is the ideal habitat for grapevines. Crumble it in your hand and you will see miniscule fossils: it’s a sort of open air museum. Perhaps it’s this combination of positive features that gives the map of Collio its happy, smiling shape.

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